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Planning and Creating the Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Perhaps no other home improvement project generates more value, appreciation, enjoyment, and reward than creating, expanding, or renovating your outdoor living space.  Depending on where you live, your outdoor living space can be enjoyed all year round. In other seasonal climates, while it can only be utilized a portion of the year when it is in season, it gets much more use and appreciation. Everyone who lives in seasonal climates knows how to maximize the spring, summer and fall months and the pleasant weather it brings.

So, what exactly is meant by outdoor living space?


Although any patio is a space outdoors, its’ really only a starting point for what is considered outdoor living space. Essentially, if you create new, pleasant living zones from areas of your yard or property that are currently barren or unused, you are creating outdoor living space. You are expanding upon the outdoor areas that your property offers.

This means that instead of a patio that accommodates four people, you expand it out into your yard a bit and can now entertain six, eight or twelve people – comfortably and pleasantly. As your imagination flows it’s time to truly create a comfortable, functional living space outdoors that equals the type of space you have inside your home for the same purpose.

The best way to look at an outdoor living space is to envision putting on an additional exterior room to your home. This can be done in accordance with your desires and preferences and within your budget.  The key is to plan and plan more and contact Cinnamon Creek Landscaping!

The following are the planning questions you need to answer in order to launch the creation of your ideal outdoor living space.


The first thing you must decide is how you want to experience and utilize the new outdoor space you are creating.  Ask yourself these questions and take your time thinking through your answers.

What events do you want to host?  

What activities do you want to accommodate? And, speaking of accommodation, how many people do you want to be able to comfortably entertain?

Would you like to prepare, serve and eat a complete meal outdoors? If your answer is yes, then you might want to move in the direction of having an outdoor kitchen.  If you want to take entertaining to the next level, you’ll want to allow for sufficient comfortable seating, and protection from the sun and other natural elements. After all, it might rain in the midst of the meal. This isn’t a crisis if you have the appropriate overhead protection.  

Do you want friends and family to be able to gather and watch major sporting and other television events? If this is the case, as you’re choosing the location of your TV, make sure to address the sun so the glare does not diminish your viewing experience. Also, keep in mind that whenever folks gather to watch a TV event, food and drinks come into the picture. So, you’ll want to allow space and wring for an outdoor refrigerator. 

Your answers to these questions will guide all subsequent decisions regarding features, functions, priorities, and of course purchases related to your outdoor living space. 

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