Despite Atlanta’s shelter in place order being lifted by Governor Kemp on April 30th, many Atlantans have continued to practice social distancing to do their part to flatten the curve. Social distancing has resulted in new hobbies for many, everything from knitting to reading. One particular hobby that aligns well with the time of year is gardening, and lucky for Atlantans, the city of Atlanta was recently ranked #5 in a new study that found the best cities in the U.S. for gardeners.

The study looked at a variety of both environmental and sociocultural factors that contribute to making a city a great destination for gardeners. The factors include: the average monthly temperature by season, the average amount of monthly precipitation by season, the length of the growing season, the number of nurseries per capita, the number of community gardens, the number of regional gardening clubs, and the number of annual gardening events.

While it was the only Georgia city that earned a spot on the list, Atlanta was joined by several other Southern cities in the top 10 of the best cities for gardeners list. Three Florida cities ranked above Atlanta on the list – Orlando, Miami, and Tampa. Riverside, CA, also ranked above Atlanta at #4. Texas also had a strong showing in the study, with 3 cities appearing in the top 20 – Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Atlanta has the highest number of gardening clubs per region of all of the cities in the study at 400. Groups such as the Garden Clubs of Buckhead and the Meadowbrook Garden Club are among the hundreds of garden clubs in the area with strong membership and engagement around their events.

Those that consider themselves green thumbs know that gardening is much more fun when you have a community of like minded individuals to share the passion with – and lucky for Atlantans, the gardening scene is top 5 worthy.

Original source: Rebecca Stevens