Month: January 2020


Browse our New Website!

Cinnamon Creek Landscaping is excited to announce that our new website has gone live. Whether on desktop or mobile, we hope that our new site serves as an invaluable tool, not only for our own clients, but also for the Georgia lawn and garden community! Our new website offers innumerable resources for the Georgia gardener on both our “blog” page and our “resources” page. Revised as needed, our calendar tells our lawn care clients exactly when we will be at your property.

Georgia garden resources

Best Native Plants for Atlanta’s Gardens

Planting season, as Atlanta gardeners know, is officially upon us. And before you dig out those dusty trowels and gloves, take note of the plants that naturally grow in the area. We’re talking about native plants, which grew here long before Europeans started building settlements. They’re the foundation of the region’s biodiversity, and provide key food sources and shelter to birds.